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    cutlery-guide1Every cook deserves a great set of knives. Our website features the top-selling knives and cutlery for your kitchen.  We also have tips and information as well as videos to help you choose, use and care for your knives and kitchen accessories.   So, visit often and see what the Cutlery Guide has to offer.


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    How to Choose a Knife Set - Have you ever prepared a meal from scratch and not used a knife or two? It’s unlikely. Knives are undoubtedly the most important and a most used kitchen utensil. When you have a good set of kitchen knives, or cutlery, you will find that preparing meals is much easier and more enjoyable. [continue reading]

    How to Choose and Use a Chef Knife -The number one way to save time and money in the kitchen is to have one good knife. That knife is the chef’s knife. [continue reading]

    How to Chop an Onion - Onions are a basic ingredient in many dishes. When you know the technique of chopping you will be able to add onions to your recipes in a jiffy. [continue reading]

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